Essay on The Views On Human Ethics

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Have humans evolved throughout time, changing their thoughts, beliefs and writing? Has it come to a point where we no longer have the same feelings and entertainment as our ancestors? Has our views on human ethics changed throughout time that now we believe that our ancestors did horrible things? In the early 1600’s there were groups of Europeans came to the North America’s looking for a new blank slate. A group called the Puritans came to America from England because they felt religious persecution, they wanted to refine the church of England. These people were really calm, intolerant people that believed in predestination. Predestination is the belief that God has already predicted everything the past, the present, and the future, and from that he knows who will be going to heaven. They believed that everything happened, because God wanted it to happen. On their way to America they faced many challenges such as death, sickness, damage to the boat, and hunger, but they still had faith in God to help them and that in the end, God will save them since he is always with them. This shows that they had a great trust in God. These people cared very much about about their things, but if something happened to them they would thank God, because God is the one that takes and gives. The people believed that human nature is is being wicked and corrupt, and we do not understand our limitations with power, but if you do not have enough power there will not be peace, so there has to be a…

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