The View Of The Christian Church Essay examples

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In medieval times, religion was at the center of daily life of all individuals. The Christian Church formulated a purpose of life and death and preached these ideas. God was at the top in a place known as paradise or heaven, in between lie Earth, and beneath a fearful place of existence known as hell. In contrast, the modern worldview is shaped by human intellect and nature. Original sin was a concept imbedded in medieval minds and in modern times is a concept left only to believers. With religion at its foundation, medieval worldview was sculpted by the teachings of Christianity, whereas the modern worldview focuses on scientific evidence and conducting civil policies without a religious element. The medieval worldview concentrates on the idea that the universe was set up as a hierarchy with God being at the top. The Christian Church focused on the story of Adam and Eve known as The Fall of Mankind. This belief is that God gave Adam and Eve a choice and they knowingly disobeyed God which made evil become an innate part of human personality. Adam and Eve had allowed evil and death to enter into the lives of all human beings and were taken from the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life and were punished by having to live in a harsh and hostile world. God used his power to shed some light on this act by showing them the way out of sin. Jesus Christ, the son of God, was placed on Earth and through his death on the cross it was a representation of taking…

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