The View Of The Christian Belief Essay

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The Christian belief differ vastly from the Buddhists in many ways. The differences are obvious in the way each sect view nature people and God. It is important to point out that each is aiming to something greater. The Old Testament had foretold the coming of Christ years due time God sent him to save the world. Christianity teaches us that we can only be saved by the blood of Christ where area Buddhism o accentuates. on a moral philosophy, an proper way to live for the here and now of this world to gain the ultimate state. A comparative analysis of the two faith viewpoints in general and in the aspect of healthcare is worthwhile because as the demographics are changing the population is becoming more diverse. The knowledge of different beliefs and cultures will help in the delivery of excellent care to everyone. The Buddhist believes that there is not an outside notion of a God. All that occur is by accident and things happen because the conditions permits it. In general Buddhism does not have faith in in an individual God which is supreme deserving reverence, and admiration. It offers no form of restoration, pardon, no divine anticipation, or a last decision to those involved in the belief. The objective is to attend nirvana which is where happiness and peace reign because once reach all desires and suffering are no more. The practice of meditation helps to reach that state. There is no conscience, no soul, only the mind. "According to the teaching of the…

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