The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War could not have occurred at a worse time in Unites States. PRior to the war, the long, grueling, and strenuous Civil Rights Movement resulted in an “unofficial official” divide within the country. As far back as JFK, U.S. interest in Vietnam was made evident. JFK adopted Eisenhower 's fostered idea of the “Domino Theory”. JFK wanted to prevent the South Vietnamese from spreading Communism throughout the rest of the country. Despite the billions of dollars invested, along with the billions of lives lost, the U.S. ultimately withdrew for Vietnam, thus allowing Communism to take hold. The South East Asian country suffered as well. Innocent citizens of Vietnam were made refugees in their own country. At home, Vietnam veterans were treated badly and also suffered from PTSD. In most cases, vets even turned to drugs and alcohol.
Doc. 2 was a song by “Country Joe and the Fish”. The song describes the pointless drafting of young men into a war that is basically a guarantee that they will not come back alive. In the document, the guerilla group, “Viet Cong”, also known as, “The National Liberation Front”, is referenced. The VC were southern Communist guerillas. Along the “Ho Chi Minh Trail”, this radical group was supported and supplied. In 1957, the VC attacked Vietnamese government officials. The VCare known for their surprise attacks and guerilla warfare. The purpose of Doc. 2 is to appeal to American emotion and hope to strike up protests to end drafting of young…

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