The Vietnam War Was The Most Bloody Genocide Of Human History

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“Although one of the key justifications for the Vietnam war was to prevent the spread of communism, the U.S. defeat was to produce nothing of the kind: apart from the fact that Cambodia and Laos became embroiled, the effects were essentially confined to Vietnam”. This is a famous speaker of Martin Jacques, a famous editor, academic, author in England. This quote tells us about problems of Cambodia after Vietnam war, Cambodia was controlled by Khmer Rouge, a communist group from 1975-1979. Many people have been killed because they against the government. As a result of the Khmer Rouge’s total control and the people’s fighting back. the Cambodian genocide became the most bloody genocide of human history. The Khmer Rouge was a brutal,murderous group tried to revolutionizing the Cambodian society led by Pol Pot.( Cambodian Genocide,n.pag) It started in 1970, during the coup to depose Prince Sihanouk as head of state of Marshal Lon Nol.Khmer Rouge has gained more members . In 1972 , with supporting from the communist Vietnamese , the Khmer Rouge defeated Lon Nol’s forces on battlefield. From January to August 1973, with assistance from the U.S . Khmer Republic government dropped half a millions of bombs , which that may killed 300,000 Cambodian. Many people got anger about the Khmer Republic government, that’s why many of them joined the Khmer Rouge to against the Republic . By Early 1973, 85% of Cambodia was controlled by the Khmer Rouge, so the Republican side…

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