The Vietnam War Was Not Justified Essay

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Napalm, Agent Orange, communism, and death: the Vietnam War can be difficult to understand. However, American involvement in the Vietnam War was not justified because it did not fulfill the requirements of jus ad bellum. The United States did not have just cause or the right intent to fight yet they still sent millions of soldiers over in an effort to win. Our reasoning was not clear, war was not formally declared by congress, and there were no extraneous circumstances that would cause us to enter this Asian country. An easy victory was not probable and the U.S. allowed the situation to careen way out of control. However, the U.S. was not aggressively attacking to gain land or power and just because the reasoning was not by the books does not mean the reasoning was corrupt or evil.
To begin with, Vietnam has a long history of conflict. The country was under French control until the Japanese began occupying it during WWII. When the Japanese withdrew, Bao Dai was in control, but the communist Viet Minh started a civil war. France became involved and supported Bao while China and the Soviet Union backed the communists in the north. Vietnam was split at the 17th parallel with plans to reunify in 1956. It was unlikely the north and the south would be able to unify and thus the United States chose to get involved. At this time, the United States was in the middle of the Cold War and feared the spread of communism. President Eisenhower supported South Vietnam and France, funding…

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