The Vietnam War Was A Military Conflict During The Cold War Essay

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The Vietnam War was a military conflict during the Cold War that started in November of 1955 and ended with the fall of Saigon on April 30th 1975. The war was fought between the United States along with Southern Vietnamese against the North Vietminh, in response to the French defeat in Indochina. At first the people in the United States supported the war and thought it would be patriotic to serve for their country, like the older generation that served in the World Wars’. However, as the Vietnam War progressed, the antiwar demonstrations started to spark because as military personal needed to support the war increased Americans saw no end to the war.
Telltale Hearts: the origins and impacts of the Vietnam antiwar movement explains the reasons why the antiwar movements did not help in aiding the end of the war but how it prolonged the war. Adam Garfinkle stated “the Vietnam antiwar movement as its radical height was counterproductive in limiting U.S. military operations in Southeast Asia” and “it did not help stop the war but rather helped prolong it.” Garfinkle’s thesis is that because the antiwar movement was not organized, they only aided in prolonging the war because they were a distraction for the government. Garfinkle criticized the antiwar movement’s belief that the movement “played a major role in constraining, de-escalating the ending the war” were wrong and that the antiwar movement “did not save lives but instead probably cost them” by “unwittingly abetting the…

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