Essay on The Vietnam War Was A Devastating War

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The Vietnam War was a devastating war for both America and Vietnam. The Vietnam war was between Northern and Southern Vietnam due to the communist government in Northern Vietnam. The United States began the war simply sending aid to Southern Vietnam, but soon got much more involved. Many Americans opposed America’s involvement at all because they were not directly involved in the war, causing citizens and soldier to be unsure of their reason for fighting and not aware of the actual struggles and difficulties that came along with war. In the movie Platoon, directed by Vietnam War veteran Oliver Stone, the main character Chris Taylor, is a soldier in the Vietnam War and his experience symbolize the real experiences of a soldier in the Vietnam War. In the height of the war, America began to lose their morals in battle. Because of this, the war ended up being one of the most traumatizing wars for American soldiers in history. Chris Taylor’s experience in the movie reflects the experiences of the United states in the war. At the beginning of the war, both soldiers, and Americans at home were both uneducated about the difficulty and unsure of their reasons for involvement. Chris Taylor, unlike most of the minority soldiers of whom were drafted, was a young, educated, rich, white man who dropped out of college to enlist. The reaction from his fellow soldiers when he revealed this information is how we are shown exactly how uneducated and naive he was. Similarly, we know…

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