The Vietnam War On American Soil Essay

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The Vietnam War on American Soil The Vietnam War was a proxy war America fought from the 1950s to the 1970s. Through this time many Americans had changed their view on the war, going from pro-war to anti-war in just a matter of years. Many of these anti-war activists consisted of college students, but even some veterans soon decided against the war. One veteran in particular was Ron Kovic, an author of his own book, Born on the Fourth of July. In this memoir, Kovic explains his views and experiences during this time period and about how he started out as an extreme patriot and slowly through his treatment after the war becomes an anti-war activist. Kovic’s views show how not only him, but Americans, changed their point of view through this time of war, why some people, especially veterans, started to view the war differently, and how it was like after the war. In the middle of this novel, Kovic begins to talk about his childhood to show why he joined the marines and the patriotic times of America. He describes how he was born on the fourth of July, the most patriotic day of the year, and how he used to be able to so many activities, and how veterans were welcomed home with excitement, but all that is different when he returns. By reflecting back on when he was nationalistic he resembles how America use to be before the war conflicted with so many citizen’s values. Just like Kovic in the early 1950s, American’s were for the war, and with all the talk about defeating…

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