The Vietnam War On American Citizens Essay

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The Vietnam War brought many concerns to American Citizens. Protesters throughout the United States claimed America’s involvement in the war was both unjust and unethical. Likewise, Tim O’Brien, the author of many Vietnam based novels, expressed the same feelings of unjust and unethical means for America’s involvement in the war. In 1968, O’Brien graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and within the same year was drafted to the United States Army and served his time in Vietnam from 1969-1970. Fear being the most prevalent factor that characterized the nature for soldiers in Vietnam provided O’Brien with an ideal environment to present the exploration of courage. O’Brien attempted to come to terms with his many fears concerning the war. He focused on a person’s ability to make courageous decisions when faced with the threat of different fears brought on by the war in Vietnam. Equally, O’Brien constructed the use of courage and fear as the thematic backbone of the novel. Therefore, throughout the novel If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, O’Brien believed that courage is tested when fear would have a man act otherwise. O’Brien thought of himself as a coward because he was not courageous while being tested with the fear of guilt, fear of war, and fear of death. The first fear a soldier in the war would have overcome is the fear of guilt. When O’Brien was drafted to the United States Army he contemplated the thought of fleeing…

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