The Vietnam War And The Communist War Essay examples

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The United States of America is considered as the Promised Land for many millions of people around the world when they are compelled to leave their hometown. On 30 April 1975, the fall of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) ended the Vietnam War and the communist took over Vietnam. The Republic of Vietnam Military Academy lost the battle against the Vietcong with the consequences of two large migrating from Vietnam to the United States and Western countries. Since that time, the United States has extended the door for welcoming millions of refugees from the politics of South Vietnam. Via sea and land, hundreds of thousands of people who risked their lives and left by boat for seeking freedom from communist and avoid its revenge. Like other Vietnamese “boat people” who were South Vietnamese soldiers, government officials, and their families, my family fled Vietnam to forge a better future. Besides, the dangerous circumstance had leaded my family to evacuate to America and faced a lot of challenges before settling in and creating a new life in there.
Firstly, after the Saigon evacuation, the whole Vietnamese society was changed dramatically due to the punitive policies. Significantly, most people who associated with the former government of South Vietnam lost all things what they had, such as their employment, assets, and social status. Politically, the South Vietnamese Army officers were sent to prison or re-education camps without returning home. Other while, after being released…

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