The Vietnam War And Its Effects On America 's Prestige Essay

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During the Cold War era, American’s foreign policy was focused on the regression of communist expansion. The primary political objective was its containment. Presidents’ administrations were worried about communism spreading through the “domino” theory, the communism spreading and the zero sum game., Each loss of a country in Southeastern Asia would have a negative impact on America’s prestige. Since 1947, strategy had the the greatest impact on the employment of American airpower and determined its strategic effect. Restrictive limitations derived from political and military leaders degraded the airpower’s overall effectiveness to achieve American’s political objectives. Particularly, in the Korean war, political and military concerns of airpower excesses such as escalation to general war, with an intervention of the Soviet Union and Chinese Communist, delayed the end of war. Furthermore, in the Vietnam war almost, the same restrictions limited America airpower’s strategic effects. The war lasted years and caused significant casualties. Moreover, the US failed to achieve its overarching political objective to preserve an independent, non-Communist Republic of Vietnam. Page 399
In the Korea War, the newly establish US Air Force was forced to conduct an “unexpected war in an unexpected place”. However, political and military restrictions had a negative impact on the airpower’s strategic application to produce a favorable armistice as quick as possible. The determined Soviet…

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