The Vietnam War ( 1955-1975 ) Essay

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The Vietnam War (1955-1975) This is perhaps the hardest of all US wars. First, moral, and ambiguous. As was the case in the war against communism, Rata suppress nationalist self-determination. Secondly (and it is), and it can be very confusing. US interests are not always clearly defined Abed. As a result, US policy leg twisted after ED "Americanized" just war "Vietnamize" He and Pat O years later. Thirdly, in the case of the Vietnam War, which was part of the dream. In the name of defending democracy, backed Diem SAD and dictatorship. American Times featured MEDIA tactical victory Kao great slaughter. The US military will maintain a physically very accurately calculate the number of dead Vietcong there is no clear way to determine who were the Vietnamese Viet Cong, was in fact SVN allies.
Experiments have a sense of American involvement in Vietnam, the war should be seen in the broader context of the Cold War. Sovjetski SAS also been at the center of the fight for spheres of influence, someone who wants to participate in the cultural, political and ideological control over various regions SAD Council; Some of the works in the interest Fuste extra effort to stop the other side to get the ball. Vijetnam especially in Southeast Asia Opstal Kao has developed a promising area in the heads of the two sets of SAS In Sovjetski. "The carpet" 1954 godine Communist North Park Vijetnamu still determined to stop the spread of communism in the region.
Climbing the Vietnam war, which…

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