Essay on The Video We Watched Was Called Sick Around America

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Maddie Sellers
Video Paper 5
The video we watched was called Sick around America. This video starts by showing an image of President Obama stated that the health care reform cannot wait any longer. The video focused on our health care system and how our health care system is broken. Medical bills in today’s society our higher than we can afford. These medical bills cause many to go bankrupt, get letters in the mail that state they lost their insurance coverage and this all happens mostly when we need it the most. This video interviews many different American people and how they are struggling to pay for their health care bills.
As the video begins we learn about a women in Seattle, Washington that was rushed to the hospital due to bleeding and ended up having a premature baby. She spent a month in the hospital and ended up having to let the baby in Intensive care to get all the proper care it needed. When coming home from the hospital, the women and her husband came home to a large stack of medical bills that needed paid. These bills added up to being at least a half of million dollars and needed to be paid shortly after they arrived home but this couple had no money to pay for these bills. This couple was unfortunate enough to be able to get help with the bills and the company of Microsoft ended up paying the medical bills for this couple. Companies that have employees that end up having trouble paying these unknown medical bills cannot get turned down when needing help to…

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