The Video I Chose For This Youtube Writing Assignment Essay

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The three videos I chose for this YouTube writing assignment all came from Ted talks in the Anthropology and archeology section. I had no idea which topic would be most interesting nor did I have the interest in most of the topics. I just chose three Ted talks that were rated good, funny and recent. By choosing these videos in this way benefited me the most. After watching many Ted talks, I finally decided my top three videos. The first video I chose was by Mark Pagel entitled “How language transformed humanity.” This topic is something I find interesting because I enjoy learning about different cultures and how the world communicates with each other with language barriers. Something about world relations with each other and the worlds ability to work together on certain things intrigues me. The second video is “What I discovered in New York City trash” by robin Nagle. I have recent took a trip to New York City and the city is very fascinating with its crazy tall buildings and thousands of people, it’s smell was hard to get used to. The smell is not a surprise due to the super crowded dirty area of New York City. The third and final video was “What I dug up in the New York City streets” by Alyssa Loorya. After traveling to New York City, I understood the importance of all the tourist attractions. I enjoy traveling to places that have significant history in their cities.
As for the first video by Pagel, he is a professor and head of the Evolution Laboratory in the biology…

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