The Video Games Industry: The Formation Of The Video Game Industry

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Much like the decades that came and went before it, the 1970’s were a time for new trends, new inventions, and new events in society. From the bell-bottomed trousers (1970) and the tie-dye T-shirts (1970), the completion of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt (1970) and the Beatle’s break-up (1970), the introduction of the Video Cassette Recording (VCR) system (1971) and the introduction of the Pocket Calculator (1972), and even to the resignation of former USA President Richard Nixon (1974) and the election of the first ever woman Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher (1979) (Rosenberg, 2010), the 1970’s produced many iconic events in the world’s timeline. Among those previously mentioned resides the formation of the video game industry …show more content…
Many companies in different industries want to minimize their costs and maximize their profits and it is not much different in the video game industry. Developers want more profit and one of the only ways to do so is to minimize the costs of developing the content. In the earlier years, the costs for the development of games were kept to a minimal and were made to be easily profitable. During this period, multiple game titles from the same developer could be released frequently each year. However, as time went on, more emphasis was put on improving the essentials – graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, story etc. The era of technology started to improve and the computing and graphics powers were soon overhauled and increased. As companies grew in popularity, their development teams and staff also grew as large. With many more people hired to take on the construction and build-up of the video games, companies started to accumulate plenty of expenses simply by paying the staff and teams working for perhaps two to three years on the game. Therefore, with all these costs involved, one might ask how the companies are still

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