The Video Game Halo, Promethean Vision Essay

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In the video game Halo, Promethean Vision enables the players to look through solid walls at an object. At first glance, the properties of light as it interacts with most common materials may make this concept seem impossible to recreate in real life. However, by looking further into the physics of optics, the concept of see-through vision may not need to be confined solely to science fiction. Indeed, this technology may be replicable in the real world, to a limited extent, though it may not function the same way Promethean Vision does in the game Halo.

In order to understand how this is possible, first we must look at the basic properties of light, and what makes an object opaque. Light travels in a straight line out from its source unless it undergoes an interaction with another substance. For example, light reflects off of objects such as mirrors and bounces back in the same direction it came from. Some objects absorb light and prevent it from moving any further at all. Furthermore, there are even more objects that do some combination of both; both reflecting and absorbing light. Colour is registered in people’s eyes by the wavelengths of visible light that are reflected into the retina off of an object. An opaque object is one that does not let any light pass through it, either by reflecting or absorbing all the light that tries to pass through it.

Conversely, there are some materials that allow light to travel through them. These substances include things like…

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