The Victoria Secret Campaign, And A Dove Beauty Campaign Essay

1421 Words Dec 9th, 2014 6 Pages
Advertisements are all around us, they have become part of our everyday life. This makes it easier to not pay any attention to them. Since we really are not paying attention to advertisements, it makes the companies who make these ads work harder to get our attention. I have compared two advertisements, although both advertisements are not selling the same, or even similar products, I believe the way they are relaying the message is something they have in common. The two ads that I have chosen are a Victoria secret I love my body campaign, and a Dove beauty campaign. The Victoria Secret ad, aimed at sex or outer beauty, shows that looking sexy is more important than inner beauty. Which has a negative effect on young girls growing up. The Dove ad, aimed at inner beauty, shows that inner beauty and happiness is all that matter and you should be happy with who you are. This has a positive effect all people of all ages young and old. I am going to describe the Victoria Secret ad first. This ad has seven gorgeous women all in lingerie of different type colors and fabrics. There are no props of any kind in the ad just the seven women. The backdrop is white, but you can see their shadows well. All seven girls are posed to appear sexy, they all have very serious looks on their faces. You can tell by their faces that they are very confident women. Most of them have their chins up, but eyes still looking directly at you. I think that maybe they are in this position to show that…

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