The Victor 's Crown By David Potter Essay

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The Victor’s Crown was written by David Potter as a way to help his readers not fond of the Historic Sporting events timeline understand how these sports gained interest from royalty to the public sphere of the world, as well as the backstories behind the specific sports including the nature of the athletes participating. The book itself is divided up into 29 chapters all following a laxly based sequential order of events which highlights important events leading up to Roman Olympic games as well as the history behind these events and the sporting events themself. This book also includes emotional values of the events such as the athletes behind the scenes even up to the crowd their selves. The book itself is divided up into five separate parts all on different topics of the Games. The First part deals with the early origins of Greek Sport amongst the Bronze Age and the involvement of ancient sport in Homer’s Epics. David Potter has went in depth in the history behind this presenting evidence of the Games being traced to funeral games in Book 23 of Homer’s Iliad giving great descriptions of the Funeral and theceremonies following it. Personally, I believe that these athletic contest are on a bigger scale tracing the transition of the different sporting events of the eighth century and beyond to today’s institutionalized type of sport culture. According the first part of the book Royalty used to only be pleased by the entertainment of sport, often participating in these…

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