The Victims Of The People 's Republic Of China Essay

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An unexpectedly accident, no one is ready to do any to escape. This earthquake is the most destructive seism, since the founding of the people 's Republic of China. It is also one of the most serious casualties after the earthquake in Tangshan. This accident caused a total of 69,227 deaths; 17,923 missing population; 374,643 injured; and children lost their lovely of home and family member ; destroyed an entire Sichuan. When the headlines coming out being a Chinese, we are mournful. After this happened, almost every academy and office, created a donation services, the crowd donated money, the money sent to Sichuan to aid the community in urgency.
On May 12, 2008, around 14:27 PM, cities began a serious shock, the extent of the terrible earthquake reach at level of eleven. Wenchuan earthquake severely damaged range more than 10 million square kilometers, among them, the severest disaster area a total of 10 county (city) and heavy crash space a total of 41 county (city), the general harm area a total of 186 county (city). On the news broadcast, the scene of the accident occurred, the relief people in an effort to rescued the victims, those innocent youth are underneath of the ruins, the children are cried because they cannot find their closest family. From there on, we are deciding to be volunteers to support Sichuan during the summer. According to the bible, as a Christian, we are suppose to help out people who are in needed. “ He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with…

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