The Victims Of Sex Trafficking Essay

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The victims of sex trafficking are targeted by the use of violence, threats, lies, false promises, debt bondage, or manipulation (Polaris Projects, 2007). These forms of control are used in the controlling of other persons so that they stay involved for “their” own profit (Polaris Project, 2007). Most think that sex trafficking involves a little room where a person is trapped, tied, or even caged and they are beaten when they do not do what they are suppose to. That is true, but that is not always the case. Sex trafficking exists in diverse and unique areas of where sex trafficking actually happens. Peoples thoughts of what sex trafficking is, is true but what most do not know is that trafficking happens in businesses like fake massage business, escort agencies, or residential brothels (Brysk & Choi-Fitzpatirick, 2012). It can take place in public or on the streets, in truck rests, clubs, hotels, motels, and elsewhere (Brysk & Choi-Fitzpatrick, 2012). The NHTRC explains, gaining this type of control over the victim’s traffickers display detailed actions being the employ of beating some, telling lies to manipulate the person, and to threaten the person so that they become scared and when a child under eighteen is forced to have commercial sex it is human trafficking no matter the number of actions (Polaris Project, 2007). Even though commercial sex is horrible in all forms many people buying the sex are unaware or in denial of the abusive realities of the commercial sex…

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