Essay about The Victims By Sharon Olds

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The Victims by Sharon Olds centers the question of who the real victims of divorce are. On the surface, it may appear a certain way, but upon further inspection, the answers may be something very different. The Victims can be split into two parts according to tone and tense. The first half of the poem is from the “child’s” point of view, and the second half, in the “adults” view.
The first half of the poem (lines 1-17) is in the past tense and it appears as if the speaker is a young child sharing her personal divorce experience. This poem is written in free verse and is composed of all enjambed lines, which occur until the end of the “stanza” where the thoughts seems to conclude. The run-on sentences gives the impression that the speaker is rambling, like the floodgates of her mind have been opened and they are releasing all of the thoughts and emotions she had held in and repressed for years. It is clear that the speaker is angry with, and resentful towards her father, which is made apparent in the very first line, “When mom divorced you, we were glad” (line 1), setting up the speakers attitude towards the father for the first half of the poem.
The child then goes on to speak of how her mother took the father’s mistreatment/ abuse in silence until she could no longer take it and kicked the father out. The words “take” and “took” are used frequently in this poem, signifying that “bad things” are being given and “good things” are being ripped away with little control from…

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