The Values Of The Social Work Profession Essay

1105 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
The values of the social work profession are to ground and guide clinicians in their practice with clients. These values have helped me to be more deliberate in my own practice when engaging in the following basic social work skills; client engagement, assessment, contracting, intervention and client termination. Prior to this course and my social work foundations course, I was not aware of how much my own value may influence my professional values as a social worker. Being someone who was often on the receiving end of services, it is very important for me to treat people with the same dignity and respect that I would have liked to receive from every service provider that I had interactions with. Remembering my experiences, both positive and negative, make me humble and conscience of any personal judgment that may arise in the client-clinician relationship. This course has helped me focus on the importance of meeting the needs of my clients while providing the most professional and competent care available.

Even though I have many years of experience in the field; there are still times when I have a clash of values with clients. One of the difficulties I have consistently experienced with clients is their dependency on the organization and people that work in the field. Often times many of my clients have been involved with these systems for long periods of time, so they become dependent on workers doing their work for them. One value that is very important to me is…

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