Essay on The Values Of The Field Of Positive Psychology

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They say that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. But, does this hold true for an individual - that a person is only as strong as their weakest characteristic? Positive psychologists would say no.

Positive psychologists wish to aid people on their journey through life by emphasizing on one’s personal growth through one’s character strengths and the refinement of one’s weaknesses. By focusing on personal growth, rather than comparing oneself to others, one is able to focus on trying to do better than they did the previous day, and realize that failure is simply a state of mind.1

The ideals of the field of positive psychology align with those of the education system, for both exist to enhance the mind of the individual in order to improve society. But, for many students, school is a place full of opportunities to fail whether it comes from asking someone to a dance, or applying for college. Moreover, failure can be due to many reasons such as not understanding the amount of work required, lack of personal standards of quality, and failure to assume responsibility.2 Failure is omnipresent, and many students do not effectively learn how to cope with failure and associate school with failure, and then learn to dread it.

In order to teach students to learn from their mistakes, to not fear failure, and learn how to deal with it, whatever the cause of it may be, there has been a movement in the education system to implement the techniques that exist…

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