The Values Of Public And Nonprofit Sector Ethical Dilemmas Essay

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What values are important to resolve public and nonprofit sector ethical dilemmas? Values are essential to the success of public and nonprofit organizations. They serve as the building blocks of organizational vulture and a person’s character. Rokeach (1968) defines values as “a single belief that transcendentally guides actions and judgments across specific objects and situations, and beyond immediate goals to more ultimate end-states of existence” (Rokeach, 1968, pg. 160). In other words values motivate and guide individuals to choose a certain way to behave. Dwight Waldo (1984) defined public sector values as “criteria for action”, because public administration is about action. Cooper discussed the power values have in individuals’ day-to-day life. He contends that values develop a person’s subjective responsibility (Cooper, 2012, ). He contends that values develop a persons’ subjective responsibility, which consists of personal feelings of responsibility; how we ought to behave. Cooper explains the idea that values consist of three dimensions: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. In short, individuals must be aware of his/her beliefs (cognitive), possess feelings or emotions about a particular belief (affective), and the mode of conduct (behavioral) based of these beliefs (Cooper, 2012, pg. ). Therefore, values have an undeniable effect on individual’s lives by inspiring certain kinds of conduct and guiding decision-making; whether the value is ethical or…

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