Essay about The Values Of Filipino Ideals

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Introduction As a child my dreams were always about me as a princess with white pale skin waiting for a knight or prince to save me. This dream replays itself over and over in my head and has manifested in my life more than I want it to. Growing up in the Philippines, I was surrounded with people who felt they had the right to constantly comment on the way my body looks.
I was frequently told to stay out of the sun so I will not get darker or use a whitening cream to look beautiful. It seemed as a morena (or dark skinned person) my brown skin was not valued, especially not when there are mestizos (or light skinned people). The media portrayed characters with light skinned individuals and pointed noses. Their looks do not represent what the entire nation looks like but instead represent the image we all strive to become. I never understood these Filipino ideals because I never questioned them. For most of my life I lived with the thought that it is just the way things are; if someone has dark skin, they are somehow less beautiful than someone with lighter skin. I now understand that these ideas ultimately drilled white supremacy in my brain. Thus when I moved to the United States at eight years old I was not culture shocked with the glorification of white people because my entire life I was taught to glorify white people and their culture. This paper will discuss my first hand experiences with discrimination and my privileges as a Filipina morena.
First Hand…

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