The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas

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No one is immune to avoiding ethical dilemmas or issues. Ethical dilemmas are situations where it is difficult to make a decision on what is the right course of action, whereas, ethical issues are difficult social questions within society on what is the right thing to do (Pollock, 2015). Ethical dilemmas are personal in nature and entice strong internal struggles as to what is morally right based off of the possible consequences. In my own life, I have been faced with several ethically compromising situations where I struggled to determine what is morally right. This situation identified multiple emotional and intellectual responses, my actions taken and influential factors, as well as potentially the different responses that could take place.
The ethically compromising situation where I found myself struggling to determine what was the best course of action was when I moved down to Lethbridge to attend
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When reviewing this dilemma with the current knowledge, multiple aspects would be altered to handle the situation differently. Firstly, stronger skills in relation to critical thinking and rationalization are needed. Pollock (2015) states that critical thinking allows someone to separate facts from concepts. This is crucial to have, as well as a firm structure in place to reference when ethical dilemmas arise. These structures guide individuals through complicated decisions, when all normal reasoning is lost, to determine what course of action needs to take place. In my situation, it is apparent that this structure was not in place as I did not address the issues head-on, but simply coward away hoping it would disappear. Once the situation escalated, and more than ever critical thinking was necessary, I was completely lost, overcome by emotions and unable to

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