The Values Of Democracy, Society, Respect For Human Rights Essay

1350 Words Mar 6th, 2015 6 Pages
The values of democracy, society, respect for human rights, and equality have become recognized everywhere as universal values. To my own point of view, there 's assistant degree close association between democratic values and also the elementary values of human goodness. Wherever if there is democracy there 's a larger chance for the voters of the country to specify their basic human qualities, and wherever these basic human qualities prevail, there 's conjointly a larger scope for strengthening democracy. Most significantly, democracy is additionally the foremost effective basis for guaranteeing world peace. However, responsibility for operating for peace lies not solely with our leaders; however it lies in the hands of everybody. Peace starts with every one people. After we have inner peace, we will be at rest. Once our communities are in an good state of peace; it will share that peace with near communities then on. After we feel love and kindness toward others, it not solely makes others feel wanted and cared for, however it helps us conjointly to develop inner happiness and peace. We will work consciously to develop feelings of affection and kindness. And will should thank religious leaders that support peace due to democratic state, for others it should be non-religious practices. What’s necessary is that we tend to create a sincere effort to require serious responsibility for every individual and also the world during…

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