Essay on The Values Of Demanding Rights Of Education

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While Bernard Shaw creates a character with the values of demanding rights of education under any conditions and expecting others to compensate, my parents raised me under very contrasting circumstances. Throughout my upbringing, they taught me to work hard, every action has a consequence, and sometimes life is just not fair. These phrases seem harsh in retrospect, but as a child I simply accepted them, and these lessons have utterly shaped who I am today, especially in regards to rights and privileges. For education specifically, it should wholeheartedly be considered a privilege for a number of reasons. Visualize back to high school. In education streams, the system tends to comprise two types of individuals, ones that strive to maintain the highest grade point average and excel in the multitudes of sports, clubs, and activities offered and ones who coast by, failing classes and distracting other students. This type of system disadvantages the group willing to dedicate their energy to their education while enabling a poor work ethic in the other by allowing them to continue such education the latter group values so highly. With this scenario in mind, individuals should perceive higher education, such as college, as a privilege that he or she must work hard towards because said individual will be held responsible for paying for it along with the possibilities of no longer having the capability to pursue it in certain conditions, such as a low grade or capital offence, or…

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