The Values Of Competition Affect The Way We Act Essay

1025 Words Oct 11th, 2014 5 Pages
Values of competition affect the way we act and changes the way we think at period of times and it 's really sad seeing those who act different and being selfish to become an winner of the competition. People who react to competition see their self an whole lot different they wouldn’t know how are they acting or how they are being so selfish in their life and it hurts others. They would care a lot about winning then anybody else health situation. They would attend to cheat to win and think its good to cheat their self into cheating out the game and not playing fair .
They wouldn’t realize till then end when someone is doing the same to them and starting to feel bad for them self because they let their actions taken over. How they act towards the game and plus they are letting their mind set take over how they really act they start to become this devil person that they are really not. When they realize what they are doing is wrong and not playing with the rules they would soon to stop and try to play the legally way of the game not violating the rules and hurting other people. Some people believe its more important to win then any one or others people health situation and that’s just cruel they would just cheat them selves out to win a game and they think its ok not to cheat to win they really love to do this and hurt others so they can really win a game.
I believe that’s not good sportsmanship at all hurting others just to win a game winning a game is not even all that…

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