The Values Across Pop Culture Essay

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Values Across Pop Culture Have you ever watched a movie or an episode of TV? Have you seen how society values other people and their objects? It is just straight up trash how we treat people nowadays. What about music? Have you actually listened to what the singer is saying? It is all putting negative images in the listeners head. Possibly one of the most negative affects of social networking or media is that it causes the users to get addicted. A value is a general idea that certain types of behaviors are good, right, or moral. Businesses have benefited from social networks. “With social media the businesses can connect with their targeted customers for free, the only cost is energy and time” (Imtiaz Ali). Although there are benefits that social media and social networking can provide such as new ways of communication by using friends or followers to reach other audiences because your article or blog is shared which will be seen causing hundreds of people to see it. Uniting people to achieve the same big goal on a huge platform such as social media is a positive impact of having access to social networking. One of the most impactful affects social media has is that it connects families that cannot talk in person due to a distance issue. With the increasing amount of people on social networking it has created a communication barrier by allowing someone to post a status on Facebook or any other way of communication and receive comments about their work rather than going…

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