The Value Or Meaning Of Life Essay

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Many people find themselves in a mid-life crisis when they reflect on what is the real meaning of human life. Leo Tolstoy, one of the most renowned novelists in the globe, encountered a mid-life crisis and reflected on the meaning of life. Exploring the value or meaning of life can be challenging, but the method that Tolstoy used is an approach that can promote self-awareness. The philosopher began by asking his fellow authors, family, and friends about the meaning of life. Many of them offered a response, which for Tolstoy was inadequate, and not a reflection of the meaning of life. Tolstoy gathered many ideas that aided him in living a meaningful life in his sunset years. Leo Tolstoy was widely recognized for his exemplary works such as Anna Karenina and Peace and War. The novelist was celebrated for his literal interpretation of Jesus’s teachings. He became a Christian anarchist and a pacifist and his ideas that promoted non-violent resistance influenced Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Towards his sunset years, the philosopher rejected privileges and wealth and became a wandering ascetic. At the height of his career, he encountered a midlife crisis which revolutionized his view towards life. Tolstoy said that he considered ending his life since he no longer understood the meaning it. He wrote a publication in 1882 concerning his crisis in a short piece called A Confession, and published it in 1884. The philosopher was one of the critical thinkers to raise a…

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