Essay on The Value Of The Holiday Music

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It’s the time of year where holiday music becomes apart of the variety of music we, as consumers, are exposed to. Ranging from radio, Christmas carollers, malls, and coffee shops. Christmas songs originate from Christian and religious traditions celebrating the birth of Jesus and bringing feelings of rejoice to those around them. The purpose of most holiday music is to positively affect the listener at all three levels of listening. The place I decided to focus on this type of music specifically was while grocery shopping at a Superstore. As a marketing management student I take close notice to aspects of a store that might affect customers buying decisions. Christmas and holiday music are very popular worldwide and as consumers we encounter it in most stores over the month of December. The reason this captivated my attention was that I noticed at a sensual listening level, the catchy holiday music that I hear so rarely had me nodding and singing along in my head. Most Christmas music, from orchestral to modern, is between an andante to allegro tempo, making for a captivating aspect. Some other qualities that most holiday music consists of are the instruments and how they consists of a variety of strings and woodwinds. Sometime with a ‘big band jazz band” feel. Including how the majority of holiday music is in a major key to keep the upbeat tonality and feelings that come with along the season. I observed consumers who overall, didn’t react exceptionally, but…

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