Essay on The Value Of Organizational Communications

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Organizational communication benchmarks began as collective milestones but soon became entangled in everyday business. Building upon the local market word of mouth advertisements and business plans, one company may now reach the town, the country, and the globe to get a word out. Communications have taken many routes, now called channels, to reach their intended receivers for the now profitable organizations. Communication from the internal going to external, the upward, downward, or diagonal senders may all be sending or receiving messages from at least ten different channels. Each of these channels must be rethought prior to the preparation of an intended message being sent out. In rethinking communication, one may have to go back to the basics of communications and business.
The value of organizational communications cannot take a back seat to lack of education or the lack of etiquette by its management or employees. To provide guidance and reference into the possible overlooked or misunderstood communications in the corporate realm, four specific topics are reviewed. These topics include: (1) Professionalism in the workplace; (2) Writing tips for the business professional; (3) The use of electronic messages and digital media for business communication; and (4) Positive and negative messages. Each topic holds but one secret to organizational protocol needed in today’s global situations. It all begins with being professional.
Professionalism in the…

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