The Value Of Noble Morality Essay example

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Nietzsche does also offer some conclusions that would seem to go against the value of noble morality such as in (Genealogy, I §17) where he talks about how Napoleon is the perfect example of the problems that occur with the noble morality with its brutal nature. These criticisms suggest as (Kaufmann, 1974, p.297) puts it that “it does not follow from Nietzsche 's "vivisection" of slave morality that he identifies his own position with that of the masters” but rather that he focuses more on the negatives of the slave morality because he believes that it a bigger threat in the current day than the noble morality.
In this regard, Nietzsche remarks, in (Genealogy, II §24) how he hopes that there can be a true examination of these values and we can perhaps take the best and most valuable of values from both noble morality with its desire to say yes to life, boldness and the lack of hatred towards others and the best from the slave morality such as the lack of brutality and the cleverness which the nobles lack.
One point that I think is useful from Nietzsche is from his critique of the way that English psychologists examine how valuable these values are where he talks about how the English psychologists do make assumptions about how compassion and selflessness is ultimately what is good and valuable in the world without questioning whether or not these assumptions are true but I disagree with Nietzsche in that I do believe that these values of compassion and selflessness are good…

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