The Value Of Money In My Life

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So much has happened over the last 24 years and so much has been learned. Some people that are older may look at me and think I do not have much worldly knowledge being a 24 year old. However, I would like to set them straight and prove that I have gained some worldly knowledge and experience over my lifetime so far. From growing up in the 90’s to being able to remember when cell phones first came out, to this now social media dominated world, I have discovered by means of trial and error how I view my life and they things I want in my life. I have also come to understand the value of money and the true importance of friendship. Learning about the value of money is something that one has to learn on their own. Growing up my father had a military …show more content…
I used to hear that a good friend was hard to come by, but I thought that was silly because I had lots of them. As you grow up you realize that these “friends” were essentially acquaintances. A lot of these friendships were created out of convenience, not because there was a genuine connection. The girls I thought were my friends in high school were merely girls I just got along with in the lunchroom, or girls I would catch a movie with on the weekend. These weren’t friends I felt like I could open up to on a personal level. Currently, I only have two friends now that are from high school. One friend has moved away, but we keep each other up to date on things. When we visit it feels like we never missed a day apart. The other friend is still local. She would take a bullet for me if she had too and the relationship is mutual in that sense. She isn’t just a friend or a best friend; instead she is like a sister. Someone I know who will always have my back no matter. The two friendships that I have are the only ones I need. Growing up it becomes challenging to juggle school, work, family, and friends. It is hard enough trying to keep a few people updated on my life, let alone any more than that. It is important to make sure that the people we do select to have in our lives not only enrich us, but also respect and love

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