Essay on The Value Of Excellence, Value, And Customer Experience

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Excellence exists concurrently as both an oft-cited desirable quality, and an elusively-defined buzzword on the lips of ambitious CEOs and entry-level employees alike. In this post, I will break down specific areas of excellence in three different companies, cutting through corporate jargon to provide clarity to an overused word. In a crowded and fast-paced global market, every company must seek to provide value to their customers. As we start this course in marketing, what better concepts to pair than excellence and value? Value is the core of what marketing does and seeks to provide (Tanner & Raymond, 2014) and so, let us look at how L.L. Bean, Amazon, and * create value through excellence in operations, value, and customer experience.
To start, L.L. Bean, a company I am personally fond of, was started in 1912 (L.L. Bean, n.d.a) and produces apparel and outdoor equipment at an incredible level of quality. Their commitment to excellence in value is represented in statement from L.L. Bean’s founder, that he does not consider a sale complete until “until goods are worn out and the customer still satisfied” (L.L. Bean, n.d.b). The company backs every product with a lifetime, no questions asked, 100% coverage warranty. This policy and commitment creates incredible value for the customer! By creating this value in their products and then communicating that value via marketing, the company has done well in an industry characterized by uncertainty and shaky customer confidence…

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