The Value Of Electric Cars Essays

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My topic is “The Value of Electric Cars”. The value of electric vehicles is going to increase when the price of gas starts increasing. The price of gas constantly changes depending on location, what gas station you go to or even what type you put in. In the electric cars that run on gas will be nonexistent. Maybe soon after that, there will be self-fixing cars. What is an electric car? The answer to that question is as simple as a car that runs on a different source of fuel. This essay has facts from 10 years of data.
Electric Cars in the big cities play a big role in the fight to end big city smog and pollution. With fewer cars running on gas or diesel fewer emissions pumped into the atmosphere the amount of smog and pollution. Lots of big cities can benefit from these vehicles. These cars will bring more jobs. A single factory for electric cars employs 1200 to 1500 workers and employees during an eight-hour day. (The New York Times, 1994)
During a regular year the average factory (based on tesla information) they produce 20,800 vehicles a year. The only problem with electric cars is there have to be more charging stations. For these vehicles. The average consumer might not be right or fit for these vehicles. They’re a little pricey and it 's not that easy to own an electric vehicle. Honda and a few other companies are coming out and have made cheaper smaller electric cars. (ENP Newswire,2010)

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With more of these cars being produced many businesses such as…

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