The Value Of Education : Education Essay

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The Value of Education A large portion of an average person’s life is spent being a student. Although society’s opinion on education differs from different places and cultures, most people believe that to be able to afford a happy successful life, education is a must. According to William A. Henry III, Pulitzer-Prize winning drama critic for TIME magazine, education now is not what it used to be half a century ago, whereas having a high school degree was a “significant credential” today it’s “virtually automatic”. In the United States, most encourage high school graduates to get a college degree, because a worker with a bachelor’s degree earns 84% more than a worker with only a high school degree. The amount of money America uses to support individuals who want to get a college degree is close to $150 billion a year. Is spending that amount of money worth it? Some people believe that the amount of money should be invested in education because it’s what builds our country, and without it we wouldn’t have skilled workers, good doctors or good teachers to teach the next generation. For high school graduates, college is a new experience and by the time student’s graduate they leave with a different mentality, for some getting a degree is important to secure a future job. And although that is true, Henry III doesn’t believe that much money should be spent on higher education, not because he doesn’t value education but because he believes that the way…

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