Essay on The Value Of Education By Frank Wright

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The Value of Education
Can you image how hard a life could be if the people is not educated? It was possible back in the retro days to make money without going to college, or to graduate from high school; however, in today society people need education to prosper in daily life. "You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having" a quote by Frank Wright. Think it this way the more education equals the more money you will have. Education is everywhere, surrounding the society, it’s the matter of fact if one is curious enough to dig for more. Life is taught without education for simply making a living, but learning to value education is our responsibility and this is what I believe.
According to UNESCO, in the world today there are about 1 billion non-literate adults. My dad was one of the non-literate people. He was born in Fiji Island and he was raised as a farm boy. He told me the story of his child hood therefore I would value education more instead for taking for granted. He has one brother and one sister so growing up was harsh for him because he didn’t have correct materials like backpack, books, shoes, and pencil to go school. My dad was often smart in school, yet due to poverty he wasn’t able to continue his education. When he was seven, he started working on farm to help his family to earn money, so they can provide fees for his schooling. Three years later, his father died; moreover, he was immature child with no understanding of…

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