The Value Of College Education Essay

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What is the value of college education? This is a question every college student must have thought about at least once while in college, regardless of the time period they lived in. With the college tuition constantly peaking overwhelmingly, this debate has become even more heated today. Due to the economic crisis that many suffer from today, opinions that attending college is pointless is rising steadily. This may seem to be ridiculous to today 's society, but the fact that the possession of a degree is not everything should not be ignored. Although college education may seem to be a requirement in today 's society, evidence suggests that it does not guarantee economic stability and future success as many people assume to gain once they graduate. The establishment of colleges throughout America began in the late 18th century and the diversity of them broadened ("College Education"). Then, the total amount of secondary schools increased from the 1920s, and the student enrollment in colleges rose drastically up to 7.9 million, with the college programs turning to advanced and professional education succeeding the second world war ("College Education"). This brought society 's attention to 'college life, ' which eventually lead to today 's preconception of college being a requirement that everyone must experience ("College Education"). However, it should be noted that a college education is not an obligation. There are people today who believe that college education is…

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