The Value Of A Liberal Arts Education Essay

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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Before I became interested in Spelman College, I knew the type of education that I wanted to receive. I wanted an education that would cater to my many endeavors. I wanted to learn wholly, passionately and creatively. During NSO, when Dr. Burnett spoke, I realized receiving a liberal arts education is more than learning, it is an act of accepting, understanding and exploring the world.

As a Historically Black College, Spelman is imbued to care for the entire student. The urgency to nurture the black student is a challenge in itself. The lack of representation of black people’s significance in history obscures the vision of one 's self-importance. Spelman chooses to empower the black woman, a woman whose life is put in double jeopardy. Her life is jeopardized by her femininity, then again by her blackness. Spelman’s uniqueness in uplifting black women despite the world’s tainted view of black womanhood, challenges the world, and changes the world; as another Spelmanite graduates. Dr. Burnett introduced me to the quote by Anna J. Cooper, “only the black woman can say when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole Negro race enters with me.” This quote became extremely powerful to me. When I entered Spelman it was a courageous act, I realized that my learning experience is not solely for me, it is for my family and my community.…

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