The Value Of A College Education Essay

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The Value of a College Education
In 2014-2015, the average cost of tuition and fees to attend a state college for one year was $9,139 (College Board, 2015). This amount does not include books, room, board or miscellaneous expenses. However, the value of a college education is priceless. A college education’s sole value may not only be monetary, even though there is a significant pay difference. Many people derive value from their college degrees in ways that have nothing to do with money. Research suggests that additional education improves one 's intellect, self-esteem, social interaction, marketability in the workplace, political participation and financial standing (Owen & Sawhill, 2013). The true value of a college education can only be measured by the goals of the student seeking the degree because of the self-worth they have placed on it and what they want to achieve from it.
The advancement of technology, science and the medical field play a significant role in our lives. These areas have grown to require additional education exceeding a high school level. Particularly in the medical field by the presence and research of medications in the treatments of various diseases, disorders, maladies, and the study of DNA. A successful college education will become more significant in our information-driven global economy. Technologies are not the only reason to be well educated. A college education also helps individuals to acquire knowledge and skills…

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