The Value And Importance Of A Course Essay

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Ethics Exam
1. What is the value and importance of a course in Ethics?
Answer: The significance of taking ethics course is that it can help or redirect a misguided individual to the right path. Also, ethics can help a person to rationally establish an argument for what is right and what is wrong and as well as forming an argument on why he/she should do what is right.
2. What are the advantages of and disadvantages of Utilitarian system of ethics?
Answer: The advantages of utilitarian system is that everyone is equal and the consequences of people’s actions really matter. Likewise, utilitarian advocates happiness. On the contrary, utilitarian system has its flaws. For instance, it will allow punishing innocent person if it will benefit the larger group. Similarly, it is highly unlikely to determine the consequences and nothing in principle is right or wrong given the circumstances.
3. A friend tells you the he is going to steal a flat screen tv from WalMart. His ethical justification is that it will give him a great deal of pleasure and the owners of WalMart will suffer very little so by Utilitarian Ethics it’s ok. Is his justification correct?
Answer: If a friend of mine were to steal a unit of flat screen tv at WalMart and use utilitarian ethics to justify his action I will advise him not to do so. Because stealing in general is against the law, and there is a great possibility that the store has security cameras all over the place that will lead to his incarceration.…

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