Essay on The Valuable Qualities Of Lincoln

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In modern times and throughout history there are many individuals who were and are in a leadership role. One of these leaders was Abraham Lincoln. This paper intends to highlight some of the valuable qualities of Lincoln and how they shaped him into a leader. A number of the traits that will be explored are faith, honor and integrity, and the ability to listen. Upon examining history it becomes evident that one of the personal qualities that Lincoln possessed was faith. This faith guided him in important or difficult decisions that needed solved. An example of one of these unpopular decisions was the issue of slavery and the signing of the emancipation proclamation. During the time of the civil war, there was resistance from both the south and north regarding the emancipation proclamation. Many suspected that Lincoln would attempt to reach a compromise regarding slavery instead of enacting the emancipation proclamation. At one point, Mary Lincoln, Lincoln’s wife, asked on the day of the signing of the proclamation what he was going to do regarding the issue. According to Drehle (2012) “Lincoln answered her by sending a glance heavenward saying I am a man under orders, I cannot do otherwise” (p. 369). In 1863 Lincoln signed the proclamation, against strife, but with his faith strong in the greater good. How would the quality of having faith assist a person in being a leader? Individuals who are strong in faith, base decisions on a strong moral compass. The…

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