Religion Validity

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For many years I have been curious on whether or not religions are valid or true. The topic of religion has been an important ongoing topic for humans for many years. I believe religion is a significant topic given that many believe in religions and will believe in them based only off of faith and what they are told. I am also very perplexed on how so many people can believe in such stories of supernatural causes and base most of their lives believing in these religions. Yet, on the other hand, many people do not believe in these religions and the contradictions religions give to scientific logic. I have not been able to reach a satisfactory answer on this topic because of the many different views and beliefs on religion. As I began my research …show more content…
He states that “religion is a set of practices that includes special respect for sacred things, prayer, worship, meditation and contemplation, moral striving, good works, social practice both on an individual basis and on a community basis, education, science, and learning, and shared feelings of community, kinship and unity for hundreds of millions of people extending across every social and geographical barriers” (Friberg, 2011). This is a great answer or whether or not religion holds and …show more content…
The writing addresses concerns regarding the validity of the quest scale introduced by Batson and Ventis. Although this scale personally to me is not accurate. It provides a good input on the debate but there has been concerns regarding the reliability of the scale. As I finished my research on the validity of religion I decided to get one more viewpoint using ideology. Given that I have already used philosophy and sociology I decided this would provide some good answers with a different point of view. Fitzgerald sides with those who argue that the concept of religion itself should be abandoned. States that religious studies can be re-represented in a way, which opens up new and productive theoretical connections with anthropology and cultural and literary studies. In conclusion, I have found multiple answers to my research question on whether or not religion holds any truth or validity. Although I have not been able to come up with a direct answer, I have been able to learn new viewpoints on the debate. However my thinking on the subject stands to be changed but my understanding of the problem has changed due to the learning of various sources. Given that I have not been able to find an answer I will continue to do my research on pursuit to find a definite

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