Essay on The Vaccine Controversy Of Vaccines

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Research Paper: The Vaccine Controversy Since the very first vaccine, there have been proponents and opponents, both arguing the effects of inoculation. For many, the idea of injecting a healthy child with any derivative of a disease is counterintuitive. In America’s reality today, with few major disease outbreaks and extremely effective health care, more and more people are shying away from this idea. But just because the devastating diseases of past years are out of sight doesn 't mean they are gone. Though opponents of vaccines might call on under-researched potential side effects, or isolated cases of adverse reactions to common vaccines, to argue their cause, the benefits that vaccines serve to the individual, the surrounding community, and the world population outweigh the deficits. There has been controversy surrounding the potential side effects of vaccination since it 's invention. Most recently, the concerns are centered around potential links between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. In a paper by Andrew Wakefield, published in 1998 by The Lancet, a medical journal from the UK, there was a link fabricated between children who received the MMR vaccine and those who developed ASD. Wakefield’s research found that 8 children within the study developed their first symptoms of autism within a month of receiving the MMR vaccine. From diagnostic testing done on the symptomatic children, Wakefield hypothesized “. . . that…

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