Essay on The Vaccination Of The Shots

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Vaccines-calling the shots
“You don’t have to cough, you just have to breathe to get the disease because it is airborne and dangerous”. In US approximately 90 percent of parents vaccinate their children and follow recommended schedule which is 28 immunizations to protect against 14 different diseases in their first two years of life. 10 percent of parents either skip or delay some shots and 1 percent don’t vaccinate at all. The reason behind, not vaccinating or delaying or skipping is that parents are scared to inject anything in their child’s body thinking it might harm them and it is reasonable from parents point of view. But today, children are getting sick and dying from preventable disease (like measles, whooping cough) like it happens in third world countries.

Every parents want their children healthy and safe but they should also trust the providers that what they are recommending is best for their children. Parents are concerned who to ask, how to do, and if this is safe to do? And these questions lead them to unexpected consequences. Yes, vaccination can trigger some hidden disease in children, sometimes children get sick after they get vaccinated but it happens very less of the time and most of the time they don’t. Seven weeks old baby Osman Chandab was scheduled to get vaccination against whooping cough but germs got him first with symptoms of runny nose, slight cough and labored breathing. These kind of simple preventable disease can be life threatening…

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