Essay on The V. Chester Comerford

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The appellant, Chester Comerford, was a licensed attorney and previous law professor who operated a website for a group whom he founded, called the guardians. The guardians questioned President Obama’s citizenship; in 2011 Comerford was convicted of aiding and abetting threats on the President, however the Supreme Court of the United States reversed his conviction the following year.
After his conviction was reversed, Comerford went to a local merchant to purchase a smart-phone. Knowing that a phone could be tracked through GPS technology, Comerford disabled the GPS tracking capability, with help from online instructions. Comerford was aware that every phone has an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) that could be tracked. However, he thought such IMSI operated through the phones GPS and was unaware that data obtained from the IMSI could be obtained even if the GPS-tracking was disabled and if his phone was not being used but was powered on.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), received an anonymous tip on March 17, 2012, that Comerford was involved with selling or dealing drugs. The source stated that “Comerford had people arriving at his home at odd hours, and he would come and go in the middle of the night.” The source provided the FBI with Comerford’s cell phone number and wireless provider. The FBI decided to corroborate the anonymous tip. The investigation made use of recently purchased surveillance technology known as “the Chum” that captures the…

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