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The Utilization of Literary Devices in the Characterization of Captain Ahab
Herman Melville’s, Moby Dick, is the story about the journeys of a group of whalers led by the fearless Captain Ahab, and their quest to help the Captain get revenge on the great White Whale that once tore off his leg. Melville himself had once been a sailor and a majority of the book was inspired by the hardships he himself had faced at sea. The book is notorious for being very long, enigmatic, and filled with sailor jargon that ends up confusing the average reader. This being said, Moby Dick, is also known for being a classic and respected piece of literature. The book explored countless themes including, vengeance, instinct, wealth, greed, death, fear and religion. Due to the questioning of many of these things, Moby Dick was poorly received when it was first published. Melville seems to centralize the work around Captain Ahab, a revenge thirsty leader, and uses various literary devices to characterize him throughout the book. Melville illustrates Captain Ahab’s zeal to kill the White Whale with vivid imagery, strong and hearty dialect. Throughout the book, Melville juxtaposes a grizzled and experienced sailor to his naïve craving for vengeance.
Throughout the novel, Melville presents Captain Ahab to be an old sailor with a fatal flaw: his obsession with killing the White Whale. In order to enhance the character Melville uses imagery to both show what Ahab physically looks like and to supplement…

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